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Industries Using 3D Engineering & Metal Additive Manufacturing

i3DMFG™’s 3D engineering and Direct Metal Laser Solidifcation DMLS® additive manufacturing services are ideal for use across a wide range of industries. For design engineers and R&D leaders needing cost-effective manufacturing solutions for complex, high value parts, 3D metal printing is the perfect match. We provide 3D metal printing for products made from a variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, titanium, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Haynes 214, Haynes 282, Hastelloy X, Monel K, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, maraging steel, and custom metal powders. 3D engineering and metal printing services are utilized in the aerospace, rocket, UAV, UAS, defense, automotive, medical device, oil & gas, energy, and recreational industries. Fill out our online form to obtain a quote for your 3D metal printed product.



DMLS® is perfectly suited for Aerospace, Rocket and UAV/UAS thermal, weight reduction and complex part requirements. Our most popular metals in Aerospace and UAV are Inconel (thermal properties), Aluminum (thermal & weight advantages), and Titanium (Weight & Strength).

Thrusters & Rockets

Spacecraft & Rockets

NASA recently sent the 1st 3D printer into space. Because of the highly complex geometries and its use of exotic metals like Inconel and Titanium, Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®), 3D metal printing, is not only widely used for research, but is considered an cost-efficiency measure.



3D metal printing DMLS® is a game-changer for the defense industry because it allows production innovation, customization, and material efficiencies for military and civilian products and parts. i3DMFG™’s most common DMLS® metals used for defense production parts are Inconel (Thermal & Strength properties), Titanium (Weight, Corrosion & Strength), and Stainless Steel (Corrosion & Strength).


3D Printing For The Medical Industry

i3DMFG™ medical grade stainless steel and titanium allow the medical community to tailor its products to patient scans, incorporate lattice design structures that encourage bone and tissue growth for improved implant rejection rates, and use freeform design that cannot be traditionally machined but conforms better with the human body.


3D Printing For The Automotive Industry

In an industry as competitive as Automotive, innovations in weight reduction, fuel efficiency, and customization are critical. Additive Manufacturing enables the production of components with integrated functionality without the need for tools, thereby cutting development and production costs.


Efficient fluid flow and heat transfer are critical in the Energy industry. DMLS® prints assemblies as a single metal parts with an added benefit in unlimited options for engineers to incorporate fluid circuits built one inside the other, concentric fluid circuits, curved features for improve fluid flow, and lattice and honeycomb geometries that are too costly or simply impossible to traditionally manufacture.

Recreational Gear

3D Printing For The Recreational Industry

For the professional, high-value parts and consumers in the Recreational/Outdoor Gear industry, 3D metal printing provides cost-effective exotic metal production, R&D flexibility, one-off customization, and speed-to-market efficiencies. i3DMFG™’s 3D engineering, material application, and metal printing expertise offers our clients next generation Design-for-3D innovations.


3D Printing For The Tooling Industry

i3DMFG™ prints mold core/cavities in days, giving end-use customers competitive advantages in time-to-market, product development, and small batch production. Our Aluminum Tool Steel molds can be post-processed in all of the same ways as cast or machined parts, from polishing to welding to anodization.


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