3D Printed Automotive Parts

3D printed auto parts allow for rapid prototyping. In turn, automobile manufacturers can increase the efficiency of their research and development processes and get their product to market faster. 3D printed automotive parts also eliminate the design constraints that coincide with traditional machining and casting. How? Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®), uses 3D models to drive 400W lasers to fuse microlayers of powder together in linear or organic shapes. Because they are built layer by layer, 3D printed auto parts can feature complicated internal geometries, conformal internal fluid channels, latticed and honeycombed designs, and entire assemblies made from one single part. Designers can also include varied wall thicknesses and part improvements that were previously difficult or impossible with traditional manufacturing methods.

At i3DMFG™, we focus on more than just part accuracy. We are continuously expanding our material and application expertise to ensure that 3D printed automotive parts are functionally reproducible and can be installed directly in serial production vehicles. With our EOS M280, M290 & M400 x 4 DMLS® machines and as an official Material Process Application (MPA) site for EOS, i3DMFG™ offers custom materials and innovative 3D print applications. Our DMLS® services provide fully functional production parts that can be finished just like machined or cast parts. Our process is done entirely on-shore, protecting our customer’s designs and costly tool change time and shipping.

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