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DMLM & DMLS 3D Printing in the Energy Industry

i3DMFG 3D Printing Energy Industry

i3D™ Manufacturing is proud to be the first DMLS provider in North America to own the EOS M280, M290 & M400 x 4. We pride ourselves on our DMLS metal powder development and 3D printing for the energy and oil & industries. i3D MFG is an official Material Process Applications (MPA) site for EOS.

Our DMLS 3D printers manufacture parts using a 3D CAD model-driven machine to fuse microlayers of powder together using 400W lasers. Products are built layer by layer and can include internal cooling channels, curved features, and lattice and honeycomb geometries that would otherwise be impossible or too expensive in traditional manufacturing. Our DMLS 3D printers also construct fully functional production parts in a matter of days rather than months, giving customers competitive advantages in time-to-market, product development, and small batch production.

3D printing in the energy industry often includes products made from copper, aluminum, maraging steel, stainless steel, Inconel, and titanium. We also print in exotic metals such as Monel K 500 upon request. DMLS/DMLM parts can be post-processed similarly to cast or machined parts, from polishing to welding and anodization.

Oil & Gas Industry

In Haliburton and GE’s Oil & Gas divisions, the use of DMLS has already begun. Due to 3D models drive 400W lasers to fuse micro-layers of powder together in linear and organic shapes, 3D metal printing eliminates traditional design-for-manufacture constraints. Complex internal geometries, conformal cooling channels, micro-channels, latticed and honeycombed designs, and free-form shapes are all manufacturable and economical since the DMLS part is grown layer by layer, in tens of thousands of layers.

Parts are manufactured in days instead of months with i3D MFG™’s DMLS production. This reduces part inventory requirements and allows for custom, one-off part solutions. The oil and gas industry is very competitive, which makes time and innovation incredibly valuable. We on-shore everything to protect designs, costly tool change times, and shipping costs.

Clean Energy

Creating production parts for the clean energy industry using DMLS/DMLM is a cost-effective and flexible option for manufacturers in the United States. Our DMLSDMLM 3D printing process builds innovative components layer by layer, creating designs that would be too costly or impossible to manufacture via machining or casting. Held tolerances are up to +/- 0.002, allowing for precision and post-processing to even tighter tolerances. All DMLS production is done on-shore to protect our customer’s designs and increase speed-to-market and product testing costs.

Heat Exchangers

Efficient fluid flow and heat transfer are critical in the Heat Exchanger industry. i3D MFG™’s DMLM innovations allow for complete assemblies to be manufactured as a single metal part. Because DMLS parts are 3D printed in thousands of micro-layers, there are unlimited options for engineers to incorporate fluid circuits built one inside the other, concentric fluid circuits, curved features for improve fluid flow, and lattice and honeycomb geometries. Welds, gaskets and joints can also easily be eliminated.

Metals We Print

In the U.S., i3D MFG™ offers one of the largest selections of DMLS standard metal powders. As an EOS MPA (Material Process Applications) site, we are one of the few 3D manufacturers specializing in copper, titanium, Inconel, Haynes, Monel K, Stainless Steel and custom metal powder applications. Our customers recognize our significant competitive advantages in design and proprietary advancements due to our engineers being experts in Design-for-3D strategies.

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Aluminum (Al)

Projects with good thermal and low weight consideration tend to use AlSi10. AlSi10, our most common DMLS Aluminum powder, is an optimal metal for parts with thin walls and complex geometries.

Titanium (Ti)

Since Titanium (Ti64) is the standard DMLS powder that provides corrosion resistance, strength, weight reduction and biocompatibility, it is well suited for medical device, aerospace, defense, firearms, energy and automotive projects.

Stainless Steels

Since DMLS Stainless Steel is a medical-grade, serializable, corrosion-resistant steel. Following heat treatment, Stainless Steel hardens to 40-45 HRC. Our stainless-steel equivalents include 15-5, 17-4, 304L and .316. DMLS/DMLM produced parts can be machined, spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished, and coated if required.

Maraging Steel

Due to excellent strength and mechanical properties that our maraging steel powder (MS1) obtains, it is commonly used for tolling applications. This pre-alloyed, ultra-strength steel powder has a chemical composition that corresponds to U.S. 18% Ni Maraging 300, European 1.2709 and German X3NiCoMoTi 18-9-5. Following heat treatment, MS1 typically has a 50-53 HRC.

Inconel (IN718)

IN718/INC625 are DMLS nickel and chromium alloys. Inconel is used and relied on by rocket, space, aerospace, firearms, energy, and automotive industries due to its superior heat resistance—reaching 40-47 HRC after heat treatment.

Custom Powders

In the DMLS powder development market, i3D MFG™ is the market leader. Due to our North American EOS Material Process Application (MPA) Development Partnership and metallurgical partnerships, we are granted access to the latest DMLS machine parameter, which enables us to develop highly specialized powder applications for aerospace, rocket, automotive, and casting customers.

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