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i3DMFG and ERA Industries Join Forces

We are proud to announce that i3DMFG was acquired by ERA Industries October 6, 2023. Based in Chicago, IL, ERA Industries boasts a rich 40+ year history of precision manufacturing, with a focus on the most complex and tight tolerance component needs of the Aerospace, Defense and Medical end-markets. With multiple manufacturing sites and hundreds of spindles, ERA has become a go-to production partner for some of the largest, most dynamic and advanced companies in the world.

I3D serves as the second add-on acquisition in 2023, following the addition of Gen El Mec (“GEM”), which closed in August. Headquartered in Oxford, CT and like ERA, GEM brought with it decades of precision manufacturing experience and tremendous talent and capabilities, with a historical focus in support of customers within the semiconductor end-market in addition to defense, aerospace and optics. I3D’s partnership with these counterparts will create tremendous value for I3D customers and ERA/GEM customers alike.

I3D will continue to operate as a distinct business unit within the platform for the foreseeable future, and the team at I3D will continue to drive the organization forward as part of this larger platform. L Squared Capital Partners is the financial sponsor supporting this rapid expansion of the ERA platform, and has signaled strong intentions of this M&A agenda continuing.

These are exciting times at I3D. For more information, feel free to contact your primary I3D representative.

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Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching we at i3D,MFG are so thankful for our continued customer support and loyalty. We couldn’t do it with out you! The last couple years have put a toll on every aspect of life and being able to make it through this time would not have been possible without our customers. So again, everyone at i3D,MFG is so thankful for our customers and the innovations they bring to the table to allow us to keep challenging this technology and disrupting the industry!

We know that once Thanksgiving comes, Christmas is right around the corner and then it is year end. In manufacturing we know that this time of the year is crunch time! We are here to support all of your metal 3D printing needs. Contact us today for a quote and one of our sales engineers will get back to you to assist with your year end projects.

Stephanie Bonfiglio – fobasvtyvb@v3qzst.pbz – 541.480.14.27

Robbie Rosten – eebfgra@v3qzst.pbz – 541-678-3468

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What Happens After the Print Completes?

What Happens After the Print Completes?

When we talk about additive manufacturing and Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DLMS®) the idea is usually around the printing of the part itself. What happens to the part once the build has finished printing? There are many different routes that can occur in post operations, some are able to be completed in-house and some are completed by sub-contractors.

Once the print finishes in the machine and the build plate is removed from the machine it then will go through powder removal process.

After powder removal depending on the material, support strategy, part geometry, and application the build plate may go through a series of heat treatments. Hot Isotropic Pressing (HIP), stress relief, solution anneal, or age hardening are the most common. Some applications require none of these processes and some require two to three of these. These processes may or may not be done on or off the build plate, it is determined by the part geometry and thermal stress that the part went through during the printing process.

Once the parts have gone through the heat treatments if required, they will get cut off the build plate or this step may have already happened prior to heat treatments. Typically done with an Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), a band saw, or even utilizing hand tools to knock them off the build plate.

Now that the parts are off the build plate, they will go through support removal and cleanup. This can be labor intensive or very simple, it always comes back to part geometry and how the part grew on the build plate. Cleaning of the part can include bead blasting and tumbling of the parts, ultrasonic cleansing, or just plain old water. Technicians also utilize hand tools to clean up rough surfaces that may be due to support structures or how the part was orientated on the build plate, downward facing surfaces will be rougher than upward facing surfaces.

After support removal and clean up the part may need to get a coating of some sort or go to a post machining sub-contractor to get the parts to very precise measurements for the specific application or both. The additional processes to coat the parts are options such as a chemical conversion, anodizing, or a custom coating.

Often customers have requirements for strength, yield, and elongation test to be performed on tensile bars that nest with part on the build plate during the part print.

Another post operation that customers sometimes require is for a CT scan or X-Ray to be complete to see the internal part geometry that cannot be seen after the part is printed.

Final steps include a quality assurance process and finally packaging the parts for shipment to the customer.

For more information on our post operations please contact Stephanie Bonfiglio fobasvtyvb@v3qzst.pbz or Robbie Rosten eebfgra@v3qzst.pbz.

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Remembering Our Heros

I3D June News


As we find ourselves moving into summer, I3D would like to announce our upcoming plans for Summer. We’re thrilled to launch the opening of our new facility in Redmond, Oregon.  As our machine numbers continue to grow, i3D is honored to provide the finest DMLM printing available.

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, i3D wants to reiterate our staff has been closely following all CDC recommended guidelines for keeping workplaces clean and safe.

We’re here for our customers to help provide the best DMLM and DMLS printing available. If you wish to submit a quote you can do so online at i3dmfg.com or simply contact one of our Sales Engineers below to further assist with any questions you may have.


Stephanie Wehrhan

(541) 480-1427



Robbie Rosten

(541) 678-3468



Thank you for choosing i3D for your services. We value you and your business, and want to continue providing excellent support for 3D



i3D Team

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Holiday Season

First off we want to thank our loyal customers throughout this pandemic, we wouldn’t be here without you. As we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we wanted to let our customers know that we plan on working skeleton crews to allow our employees to be home with their families while still providing 24/7 operations for our customers. We understand that the pandemic has caused us to play catch-up and the team at i3D will support our customers throughout these times. With that said, the earlier you are able to place your orders, the better we will be able to schedule our machines to meet customer required dates.

Thank you all again for your continued business and we look forward to what 2021 has in store for all of us!

Please contact Robbie Rosten or Stephanie Wehrhan if you have a RFQ.

Eebfgra@v3qzst.pbz – 541.678.3468
Fjruueuna@v3qzst.pbz – 541.480.1427

By Stephanie Wehrhan

Remembering Our Heroes


As we head into Memorial Day weekend, i3D would like to recognize the sacrifice and service of the men and women who have served in the US military as well as those who continue to serve our country. Our brave service men and women have helped pave the road for Americans to live a better life. We truly would not be where we are today without you, and we thank you.

In honor of Memorial Day, i3D’s office will be closed Monday May 25th to observe the holiday. We will resume operations Tuesday May 26th and look forward to continuing to serve your 3D metal printing needs.

Please take a moment this weekend to do something nice for someone as a way of paying tribute to the people who make it possible for us to experience the freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you for choosing i3D for your services. We value you and your business, and want to continue providing excellent support during these uncertain times.


i3D Team

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Happy Thanksgiving