3D-Printed Water and Mountain Gear

Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®) printing provides unmatched strength and innovative design possibilities for water and mountain gear. From wind surfing equipment to kite boarding supplies and scuba gear, i3DMFG™’s 3D printing equipment and manufacturing processes can bring new ideas to life. Direct metal printing also allows for reworks on current gear. From research and development to full production, DMLS® 3D manufacturing brings about fully functional products in weeks or months rather than years.

Because DMLS® produces no waste, scrap material is reduced by 50-70%. This makes working with titanium, Inconel, and stainless steel 30-40% more cost effective than traditional manufacturing methods. Our 3D printing equipment also allows for the construction of complicated geometries and assemblies, as each component is printed as a single part. This eliminates the need for welds, gaskets, and screws, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing potential failure points. In addition, conformal channels, lattice designs, and inserts can easily be incorporated to achieve new innovations.

i3DMFG® is certified for both military and local public safety contracting.