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Welcome To The i3DMFG™ DMLS® Resource Library

Here in our DMLS® library you can read white papers, case studies, additive manufacturing machine information, and learn more about the technologies we use and the metals we print

Material Specs

TruForm Maraging Steel

TrueForm 625 Metal Powders

TruForm 64 Metal Powder

TruForm 718 Metal Powders

Inconel 625

Inconel 718

Stainless Steel 15-5

Stainless Steel 17-4

Inconel 625

Inconel 718

Stainless Steel 15-5

Stainless Steel 17-4

Stainless Steel 316L

Maraging Steel MS1

Titanium Ti-Ti64


Case Studies

BMW Case Study

Bell Helicopter

Altimate Case Study

Mold Tooling (1)

Mold Tooling (2)

Mold Tooling (3)

Hinge Brackets


Dental (1)

Dental (2)


Heat Sink

Gas Turbines

Bicycle (DMLS®)

Electric Car (DMLS®)

Axel Pivot

Optimization Of An Aircraft Wing

Additive Manufactured Lattice-Reinforced Penetrative Warheads

Additively Manufactured Penetrating Warheads (Optimization)

I3D Magazine Cover

White Papers

Disruptive Additive

Wohlers 2017

PiperJaffray 3rd Quarter 2016 3D Printing Industry Analysis

GRCop-84 High Temperature Copper Alloy

FDA 3D Printing Guidelines

Additive Manufacturing Roadmap (2017)

NGM White Paper

Quality Approach

Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing Future

3D Printing (HBR)

Mechanical Testing Of DMLS® Parts

History Of DMLS®

DMLS® Microstructure & Chemistry