I don’t know if you are involved with employee reviews.  If not please forward to whoever is that person.  I just wanted you to know from a customer that Stephanie is fantastic. She makes my job and oversight so much easier.  She happily does anything we request and does it fast and correctly.  If something is not right, its because of a subtier supplier that doesn’t follow our written and verbal directions. She’s totally transparent and keeps me in the loop on everything. We talk virtually every day and is fun to work with. She’s logistical and organizational goddess. We all need more co-workers like her. Dominick is doing fine job also and his role will be increasing more as we do more printing. Its been great working with I3D so far as we explore new materials on this program.  Please let your team know of my satisfaction.

Russ Cochran, The Boeing Company, November, 2020



I just opened up the box to our shipment we had you complete. Very pleased by the work you have completed. The two boxes look great. I look forward to any future work.

January 10, 2017


I just saw the assembled ratchet device that you printed in Al. It looks great! You definitely exceeded the customer’s expectations, and we sincerely appreciate the support.  We look forward to working with you again soon.

Philip “Chip” Flater, Ph.D.November 18, 2017


Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) ran independent tests on AlSi12 DMLS parts from i3DMFG and determined that the density of the parts we are printing is 2.62 g/cc …” that is virtually the same as the density of cast AlSi12, very impressive!”

December 27, 2016


I had contacted at least 6 different services to get this job done, but none could come close to your price/delivery combination.  One of the services had a very slick automated web quoting system, and their price was actually very good (~15% cheaper), but the leadtime was too long ~3-4 weeks, and there was nobody to talk to.  Also, another service could have done the job in the required schedule, but at twice the price.  Then another wasn’t even able to quote the job within 1 week.  The main difference with your service was because I had a direct single point of contact (Robbie) that was very responsive to all the questions and iterations of quotes; this made all the difference.  We will be mailing the check today.  Thank you again, and you will definitely be our top choice for future RP needs.”

August 26, 2015