3D Printing in the Clean Energy Industry

Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®), quickly and economically produces 3D printed solar panels, wind turbine blades, and other products used in the clean energy industry. Available in days or weeks rather than months, these products are made by an industrial machine driven by 3D CAD models. Microlayers of powder are fused together using 400W lasers, layer by layer, until a complete and fully functional product is formed. Because each part is 3D printed in thousands of microlayers, there are unlimited options for engineers to choose from. From 3D printed solar panels to 3D printed wind turbine blades, products can be built with internal cooling channels, curved features, and complicated lattice and honeycomb geometries that would otherwise be too costly or impossible for traditional manufacturing.

With held tolerances up to +/- 0.002, i3DMFG™’s DMLS® processes ensure precision and allow for the ability to add material and post process to even tighter tolerances. Because these tolerances are from a much closer starting point than traditional machining or casting, hand-finish costs are dramatically reduced. Our DMLS® process is executed entirely on-shore to protect designs, increase speed, and reduce costs.