3D-Printed Custom Defense Parts

Fabricating custom defense parts via Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®) machines is a design solution that offers flexibility, cost efficiency, and design freedom. This rapid prototyping process allows small defense manufacturers to build and test custom defense and firearms components. i3DMFG™, a 3D metal printing company, provides DMLS® services to help manufacturers test out new designs within days or weeks rather than months or years.

Our DMLS® machines fabricate components made from rare materials, such as Inconel, Maraging (tool) steel, and Titanium. These metals ensure optimal strength and handling for tactical defense components. Our heat treat process provides additional strength and durability; for example, Maraging steel hardens to an average of HRC 53.

Our 3D metal printing company is ITAR-registered with the U.S. Department of state. i3DMFG® follows ITAR protocols in our Bend, Oregon and Redmond, Oregon locations.