Titanium (Ti64) 3D Printed Bike Parts

3D printed bike parts are a responsible and cost-efficient way for custom bicycle manufacturers to test their design ideas. i3DMFG™ specializes in Direct Metal Laser Solidification (DMLS®) in titanium to create state-of-the-art 3D printed bicycle parts. Through the additive manufacturing process, material waste is reduced by nearly 70% as parts are built layer by layer rather than being whittled away. Because of the efficient use of materials, 3D-printed titanium (Ti64) is more cost effective than titanium machining or casting. DMLS® also allows for more design freedom and the ability to manufacture in small batches without tooling–adding further value for our customers.

3D printed bike parts are created by fusing tens of thousands of microlayers of metal powder together. Using 400W lasers on 20 to 60-micron layers of metal powder, a fully functional production part emerges rather than machining a part out of billet. With densities approaching 100%, any traditional post-process finish is possible, including welding and polishing. Held tolerances are up to +/- 0.002, enabling precise design manufacturing with the option to add material and post process to even tighter tolerances. Hand-finish costs are reduced due to the ability to process from a much closer starting point than in traditional machinery or cast parts. To protect our customer’s designs and prevent costly tool change time and shipping, our 3D printed bicycle parts are manufactured in the US.