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I3DMFG, Inc. has become the first Additive Contract Manufacturer in North America to put into operation an EOS M400.4.  Along with this announcement is a white paper discussing the disruptive nature of Additive Manufacturing and why this is critical for manufacturers, both additive and subtractive.

The EOS M400.4

An ultra-fast quad-laser system with a large building volume. It provides Additive Manufacturing for high-quality parts and is designed for speed and precision.

Four lasers for more productivity

  • Large building volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm with four 400 watt lasers operating independently
  • The four precise 400 watt fiber lasers operate in a 250 mm x 250 mm square each with an overlap area of 50 mm
  • High build rate of 100 cm³/h

4 Lasers – First-class DMLS quality

  • Exceptional beam and power stability provides highest DMLS part quality
  • All processes running on the EOS M 290 can be transferred to the EOS M 400-4 and deliver equivalent part properties.
  • New and patented EOS ClearFlow Technology ensures consistent process gas management for ideal build conditions
  • Extensive monitoring features ensure high process stability and part quality

I3DMFG is happy to announce that they are the first Additive Contract Manufacturer in the U.S. to have the EOS M400.4 in production.

Additive Manufacturing Disruptive Whitepaper

EOS just released a new white paper discussing the disruptive nature of Additive Manufacturing. The white paper discusses how to approach Additive Manufacturing from three different angles.

One quote that stands out in the article is from Gungor Kara, Additive Minds:

Soon, there will only be two kinds of players – manufacturers who disrupt the market and those whose business is disrupted.

The paper introduces a best-practice approach to becoming an industrial champion in the decade to come as it relates to additive manufacturing and remaining competitive.

You can find the white paper here in our resource library.


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I3DMFG First With EOS M400.4 + White Paper