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Wohlers Associates sends a questionnaire to service providers each year to help identify trends in the additive manufacturing (AM) service industry.

One hundred service providers in 26 countries participated in the survey for Wohlers Report 2017. The industry as seen through the eyes of these companies is important because they represent a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight. They are among the early adopters and innovators of new AM and related technology, and are often the first to experience growth or downturns in business that serve as harbingers of emerging trends in the AM industry.

Most of the service providers that responded to the survey had a positive year in 2016, in both the primary and secondary revenue streams. Based on this data and their comments, we believe the majority are in relatively good financial health when the survey was conducted in early 2017. As a whole, they are growing, and growth in 2016 continued a positive trend that has been ongoing for five years.

You can see the report here.

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