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Historic 3D Printed Rocket Engine Flight by Bagaveev Corporation

I3D MFG 3D prints rocket thrusters in metal for Bagaveev Corporation. Bagaveev wanted to show how far the technology has moved and relevant Powder Laser Forging is by publishing a video on YouTube that shows their historic test of its 3D printed rocked engine flight.

In the video you can see the full launch.  Since the rocket was unguided, the wind and low thrust-to-weight ratio turned rocket sideways sending it in parabolic trajectory. From Bagaveev’s standpoint they achieved their first flight and the second stage rocket engine that was powering this flight is intact.

These kinds of tests and experiments are pushing the boundaries for what Powder Laser Forging (3D Metal Printing) can achieve.  It goes along with industry projections that show the rise of the 3D printed manufacturing industry on a trajectory to become the standard in how we manufacture goods.

The video is definitely worth the watch and it may not be very long before we start seeing videos or footage of full-scale missions to space where the majority (or all) of the parts were made using Powder Laser Forging (DMLS).

Here is the video:

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