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by Erin Stone

DMLS Stands Out as 2015 Focal 3D Printing Technology

What makes Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) a leading 3D printing technology in 2015? It’s not new news that DMLS prints metal 3D parts. Here are some new exciting new trends  that Steve Heller, 3D specialist for the Motley Fool found “incredible”:

  • Micro laser sintering from EOS, 1 micron layer thickness resolution
  • 10,000,000 dental implants and crowns 3D printed on EOS machines
  • Direct manufacturing – finished production metal parts using DMLS
  • Aerospace and Medical focus for DMLS finished parts
  • EOS 3D printed hip implant, printed final product, no mold

Heller loved the “personalized solutions” that can be directly 3D manufactured  for medical applications as well as the increased prevalence of 3D production aerospace parts. i3D MFG agrees whole-heartedly. i3D MFG exclusively uses EOS DMLS machines at its manufacturing facility. We love hearing Heller call EOS’s DMLS machines and their capabilities out from his overview of Euromold 2014.

DMLS is the leader in Direct Manufacturing of Aerospace and Medical Parts

3D printing in Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Maraging Steel and custom metal powders economically is a game changer. It allows aerospace companies like GE and Lockheed Martin to produce finished parts with complex geometries that cannot be produced any other way. This leap-frogs companies with Design-for-3D engineers over the competitors with new innovations like conformal cooling channels, lattice or honeycomb structures or varied layer densities to create optimally performing parts. These cutting edge parts deliver weight reduction, remove assembles and gaskets, reduce failure points, and optimize performance in aircraft, rockets, UAVs, performance cars and motorcycles, heat sinks, filters, engines, turbines, and the list goes on as 3D design improves. Inconel, Aluminum and Titanium are most widely used in aerospace while Titanium and Stainless Steel are medical grade materials most commonly used for DMLS. Take a look at some of i3D MFG™’s past posts on great DMLS applications.


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DMLS Stands Out as 2015 Focal 3D Printing Technology